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We help people automate everything related to data.

We are for the people who don't necessarily want to continually learn new tools or platforms, who just want data that they can rely on.

We have deep and current expertise in data engineering, analytics engineering, data science and cloud architecture so you don't (necessarily) have to.

Our Philosophy

Whether you need data to make decisions, assess opportunities, evaluate policy outcomes, validate experimental results, train machine learning models or assess return on investment, the underlying approaches to data and analytics engineering are the same.

But the tools and techniques required to ensure that data is available, reliable and easy to use are increasingly complex, with steep learning curves and ongoing maintenance activities.

We believe that you just want your data exactly where you need it, consistently and reliably.

That's where we come in.

Our Approach

We take a modular, sequential approach to all aspects of data management, which makes it easier to design, build, deploy, monitor, maintain, quality assure and troubleshoot data pipelines.

We understand that most people want complexity to be abstracted away. You just want to be able to get the data you want into the tools and places you need it. Your data needs to be:

  • timely
  • reliable
  • accurate
  • well structured

In order to provide this, we build and maintain native tools to source, cleanse, aggregate, integrate and augment your data with statistical analyses, computation and data from external APIs.

We also have tools and services to monitor your pipelines, alert to any issues via multiple channels and resources to fix any issues which arise.